Andromeda TV Series: Some Tidbits

At the start of 21st century, a TV series that was meant to be, Andromeda TV series, was introduced into the market. The series aired from the year 2000 to 2005. Andromeda TV series was founded on the Andromeda ascendant on their escapades as they encountered several aliens, villains, and races at the galaxy. Apart from the series having a complicated backstory, it also has a familiar sci-fi structure. It emphasizes on a spaceship captain known as Dylan Hunt who likes the carbs in cinnamon sticks, and his spaceship is captured on the outskirts of that area as the war starts. The battle involves his Federation-esque society of the Commonwealth system. At the start of the conflict, Andromeda is overpowered and slides into a black hole. It stays there for over 300 years until it is saved by salvage vessel captained by Lisa Ryder (Beka Valentine).

The rescuers had no genuine intention as they wanted to loot the drowned ship. In the years since the galaxy has resulted in anarchy and chaos. In the process, Hunt has been stimulated to reinstate the commonwealth. The TV series was founded on info written by the late Gene Roddenberry, the brain behind Original Star Trek TV Series. His wife, Majel Roddenberry produced it, and she acted as Nurse Christine Chapel on the series. Andromeda takes after other space opera shows such as Farscape. However, it does not have the spark that the Star Trek possesses.


From the series, we can note that the politics are exceedingly confusing at times while the actors are sparingly developed. In several scenes, the characters solemnly discuss the political and social implications of their actions and thus struggle to make the appropriate choice. Besides, they also engage in relaxed banter at odd moments such as when discussing a fatal ailment or in the middle of a deadly sword fight.


Nevertheless, the show gained its popularity back after Robert Hewitt Wolfe was appointed as the series’ primary writer. Robert had vast experience in writing other series such as Star Trek and Deep Space Nine. The first two premiere episodes, Under the Night and Affirming Flame, did a great job in setting the tune of the series. In these two episodes, Hunt and his Ship crews are overpowered by a race named the Nietzscheans. Hunt crew is killed, and he has to fight with the leader of Nietzschean, Steve Bacic. Just before the entire ship is frozen in time, Hunt succeeds to execute Steve Bacic.


The next episodes of the first season were not enjoyable by any means. However, the scenes of dissatisfaction and fight between Hunt, Beka, and Tyr offered some entertainment. Also, the first season finale provided some fantastic entertainment. The episode involved Andromeda becoming mad and sending the team into a battle with Rev Bem’s people. The season finished with the ship paralyzed.


At the premiere of the second season, the crew is reunited, but Hunt uses a nova bomb to deconstruct the Magog World Ship. In this season, Wolfe was awarded his pink slip. It is because his scripts were too intelligent. Wolfe then departed from the series afterward and fans would only hope for the worst. The show lost viewers in the process and ended prematurely at the fourth season. It saddened that the first science fiction TV series to air at the start of the millennium had to finish that way.